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  • Member, FIL-AM Creatives (2022-Present)

  • Member, Asian American Press Club of the U.S.  (AAPCUS) (2023-Present)

  • Member, Akeanon News (2023-Present)

  • Member, Bombo Radio Kalibo (2023-Present) 

  • Member, US Chambers of Commerce (2021-Present)

  • Member, Los Angeles Chivarly Lions Club (2022-Present)

  • Member, Badminton World Federation (2016-Present)

  • Member, Southern California Badminton Association (2016-Present)

  • Member, United States Golf Association (2021-Present)

  • Member, Social Media Club Los Angeles (2022-Present)

  • Member, US Health Care Compliance Association (2022-Present)

  • Member, American Hospital Association (2021-Present)

  • Member, US Small Business Administration (2016-Present)

  • Member, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (2022-Present)

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